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Early 1977 in Perth.  A time where “Love Me Sexy” was still at the top of the charts, Star Wars was in theatres and rumblings of a National Basketball League were beginning to be heard out west.

The Western Australian basketball scene was dominated by one team, the Perth Bandits.  Easily the best team in the country, the Bandits were scheduled to join the NBL in 1979.  However, whispers started getting round to the east coast teams of the Bandits legendary undefeated record which caused the NBL to revoke their invitation prior to the start of the season.

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In response, the Bandits created an underground tournament for the nation’s best street ballers.  The Clandestine Underground National Tournament was formed to send a message to the NBL.

Again, the Bandits would go undefeated in the tournament, largely due to their superstar import, Wilt Chamberlain.  Wilt came out of retirement to dominate the tournament, averaging 69 points per game. 



The C.U.N. Tournament’s message was received loud and clear.  The success caught the NBL off guard.  Fearing the threat of a rival league, the NBL made plans to include the Bandits for the 1981 NBL season.

This season’s heritage uniforms are a throwback to the designs used by the Bandits in the 1979 Clandestine Underground National Tournament.  The designs were very well received by the public, who quickly learned that the Bandits were the only team to make mission brown look cool.